Bubble Shooter Wheel

If you’re looking for a new variety of Bubble Shooting games, you should check out and play Bubble Shooter Wheel! Its rotating circular bubble wheel allows a more challenging bubble shooting layout you can explore while passing the time wherever and whenever you are. Turn your bubble shooting addiction around, literally, and play the game! 


Why Must You Play the Game?

If you are beginning your bubble shooting quest, there’s no better way but to start it on the rotating bubble wheel! More than just a simple bubble game, Bubble Shooter Wheel will test your patience, accuracy, and timing. Suppose you are still debating on why you should install the app now. Let me persuade you with some good reasons to check out the game!

How to Play Bubble Shooter Wheel

Since you are about to start your bubble shouting journey, We are here to help you with the simple rules of the games! And watch out. You might catch a few tips and tricks you can use to unlock each round faster!

  1. Each round will start with a rotating bubble wheel. The game aims to clear out all the coupled bubbles together. 
  2. Burst the bubbles by shooting and matching at least three bubble bunches together. The larger the bubble bunch, the faster we can clear out the round.
  3. The bubble wheel has a slot limit that you should not overlap, or the game will be over. Avoid this by utilizing each bubble shot to pop the wheel.
  4. Shoot your bubble shot by holding the bubble cannon and targeting the arrow to your desired location, then release your finger just in time to land on its matching bubble colors to pop.
  5. The trickiest part of the game is the rotating wheel and its speed. A tip is to use the walls to bounce your bubble shot to the angle position.

Easy to Play

  • Bubble Shooter Wheel is user-friendly. With its easy access from downloading to the gameplay, this game will match even a toddler! Plus, its attractive and bright display and sound effects make it more interesting. The game mechanics are pretty simple yet challenging. 

No Complicated Buttons

  • The game only requires two moves. Aim and Shoot. An arrow is part of the game layout to point where the direction you are aiming each bubble shot to land. When aiming, all you need to do is hold the arrow to your desired position and release the hand to shoot your shot. No complicated buttons! Just fun and popping!

Enhances Your Strategic Skills

  • Bubble shooter Wheel elevates your strategic skills. Why? As the wheel rotates, your timing, accuracy, and patience are tested to go over and beyond. With each round, the rotation speed gradually changes, creating a diverse and climactic gameplay experience and trickier game strategic planning.

Totally Free to Use

  • Bubble Shooter Wheel is 100% free to use with no Ad-in purchases. You can enjoy its full features and infinite levels without losing a cent in your pocket. The game also required no sign-up. Making it the best quick and fun recreational game to use on your devices.

More Updates to Come

  • Bubble shooter Wheel developers are continuously improving the game for our players to enhance the game experience. Watch for more exciting levels and a different dimension and realm to enter. We love to keep you happy and hooked, so we are preparing more bubbles to pop!

Shooter Game Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks that will ensure your success.

  • Observe the Color Wheel

    Since the game is not time bound, make sure to carefully observe the colors in the wheel. From that, make a strategy to stay long in the game.

  • Aim Carefully

    The color wheel is moving, so make sure that you aim carefully to avoid missing your target. Try to make an allowance before releasing the balloon. The better your accuracy, the longer you will stay in the game.

  • Wait for it

    If you miss the color you're aiming, patiently wait for it to come back. Don't recklessly release the canon to avoid messing up the color patterns.

Excited For More?

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Plays on Android and iOS

The POP Bubble Shooter app is free to download and play on both Android and iOS devices. You can download it and play it whenever and wherever you want for as long as you want.


  • Is the Bubble Shooter Wheel Totally Free to Use?

    Bubble shooter Wheel is 100% free to download and play. No Ad-in charges for entering any round or unlocking any game feature. You need to search, play, and there you can spin and enjoy each round of satisfying and intriguing bubble bursting.

  • How to Win in the Bubble Shooter Wheel?

    Win and unlock each round of the Bubble Shooter wheel by clearing out the whole bubble wheel without overlapping the bubble slot limit. Do this by strategically planning each shot. This can be achieved by weighing and assessing the wheel speed, the shot angle, and timing! Accessible and tricky at the same time, which makes the game even more engaging.

  • Do I Need to Download the Game?

    Bubble Shooter Wheel is available for online gameplay. So, definitely, you don’t need to download the game to play it. Simply visit the site in your device’s browser. Check out Bubble Shooter Wheel and find more exciting and diverse bubble shooting games.

  • How Many Levels are in Bubble Shooter Wheel?

    The game has infinite levels that unlock with each cleared level! Giving you a sense of mystery and surprise on what challenges await you in the next round. Pop the bubbles and have fun with the Bubble shooter Wheel.