Candy Bubble Blast

The search for fun and challenging games to play is over! You’re on the right track if you are looking for a new game outlet to relieve your mind from whatever has been stressing you out lately. Candy Bubble Blast is an oddly satisfying free online game that can blast your worries away.


Candy Bubble Blast screenshot Candy Bubble Blast screenshot Candy Bubble Blast screenshot Candy Bubble Blast screenshot

Why You Will Never Get Tired Playing this Game

Candy Bubble Blast is a quick and easy game you can play. Its fundamental game objective allows you to relax and enjoy your free time. Quite addictive and fun! If you are still doubting why you should try the game out, here are some legit reasons to play Candy Bubble Blast.

Stress Relief Game

Candy Bubble Blast is a challenging yet straightforward and less stressful game. Unlike those complicated apps, Candy Bubble Blast is a great quick game you can use as a stress relief tool and put down when you need to hustle. Taking a break is essential, and this game can help you with lovely bubbles popping from its simple animation and relaxing background music.

Simple Gameplay

Candy Bubble Blast’s objective is basic, yet it gets exciting every round. Candy bubble blast is gamer friendly but can keep you on the hook as it gets trickier with every round you enter. Time and speed are both your ally and enemy. That makes the game without any dull moments in every round.

Enhances Hand and Eye Coordination

Candy Bubble Blast requires movement and fast decision-making speed. Your hand and eye coordination will be challenged every round as the falling bubbles fill up the container faster and faster. Make sure to clear them out swiftly and win the round.

No Downloads Required

Other games require multiple downloads for the game to operate thoroughly. And as an experienced classic game lover, these multiple downloads often result in apps crashing! But not Candy Bubble Blast. This game requires no additional resources to download. Once you play it on your browser, you can enjoy infinite levels to beat your superb highest score.

More Updates to Come

Candy Bubble Blast developers are continuously improving the game for our players to enhance the game experience. Watch for more exciting levels and a different dimension and realm to enter. We love to keep you happy and hooked, so we are preparing more bubbles to pop.

How To Play Candy Bubble Blast?

You’ve made it this far! Are you curious and ready to burst some bubbles with your fingers? Candy Bubble Blast is not for slow hands, but you’ll get it quickly and easily as pie. Here are the rules and tips to level up faster on your Candy Bubble Blast journey.

  1. Candy Bubble Blast’s objective is to pop a required number of marble bubbles every round.
  2. The bubble container will be filled with falling marble bubbles at the beginning of each round.
  3. For each round, a number of bubbles to pop will be given for the three bubble colors blue, red and yellow.
  4. Pop and clear out the bubbles by tapping a group of more than three of the same color.
  5. Other bubbles will continuously fall until you’ve met or popped the required bubble count to unlock the next round.
  6. Warning! You must avoid filling up the bubble container, or else you’ll lose the round.
  7.  The tricky part is that the number of bubbles to pop increases each round. So as the speed of the falling bubbles.
  8. A simple tip from a friend is to focus on creating an enormous bubble bunch to pop at once! It saves time for a lot more popping.

Shooter Game Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks that will ensure your success.

  • Check the Candies

    Don't just casually pop the candies. You have to strategize in a way that you won't get in a dead end situation. So be careful in popping.

  • Make it Sweet

    The more the sweeter. Look for the most number of candies with the same color and try to pop them all at once. That will create a huge crater which can adjust more candies.

  • Always look on top

    Once a candy hit the ceiling, the game will be over. Therefore, don't just look on the most number of colors, look on the topmost part as well. Your goal here is to stay in the game as much as you can.

Excited For More?

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Plays on Android and iOS

The POP Bubble Shooter app is free to download and play on both Android and iOS devices. You can download it and play it whenever and wherever you want for as long as you want.


  • Is the Candy Bubble Blast Totally Free to Use?

    Candy Bubble blast is 100% free to play. No Ad-in charges for entering any round or unlocking any game feature. You need to search, play, and there calmly enjoy each round of the satisfaction of bubble popping.

  • Do I need to Download the Candy Bubble Blast game?

    No, Candy Bubble Blast requires no download and can be played online through your mobile, tablet, or computer through the browser. This game can be accessed anytime and anywhere you go. If you feel like you need to wash away stress with this simple yet rewarding game.

  • How to Win in the Candy Bubble Blast?

    Win each round by blasting or popping a required number of candy bubbles for each color, blue, red, and yellow. Simply tap on a group of more than three bubbles and clear out the round as fast as possible before filling the bubble container.

  • Is the Game Suitable for Any Ages?

    Candy bubble shooter is a harmless game created for fun and recreational time. The controls and game outline are simple and easy to understand by adult gamers and even little kids. But make sure to still check on your little ones when they play Candy Bubble Shooter.